Registration of a legal entity

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Our company offers a wide range of services in sphere of registration of new companies and SP, and other changes in already existing and successfully developing companies as well:

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How registration is taking place
Legal and Advisory Company DE-JURE («ДЕ-ЮРЕ») carries out registration of all the legal entities regardless legal form of organization, form of ownership, and sole proprietorships as well.
Registration of enterprises –is the first necessary step on the way of your business activities.
Limited Liability Company is one of the most popular legal form of organizations of legal entity.
In Ukraine there are such popular forms of organizations of enterprises as:
• Limited Liability Company.
• Additional Liability Company.
• Private enterprise.
• Joint-Stock companies.
Upon that the most popular is registration of Limited Liability Company.

Registration of LLC in Odessa by DE_JURE company («ДЕ-ЮРЕ») is carried out after comprehensive advice of our lawyers on all your matters of interest. Within our competence there are legal aspects of registration of enterprises on the territory of Ukraine and support of offshore companies abroad as well.

Registration of company as legal service includes the following order:
• Detailed advice of our experts. We will take into account all your possibilities and will offer the best conditions for business activities.
• Choice of name of company. Carry out check of identity.
• Development of corporate establishment documents. You provide all the necessary documents, we check them, rectify deficiencies. In such case following the letter of the law on the initial stage will save your precious time and nerves.
• Signing documents at notary.
• Registration of company in registration service and all the necessary state authorities.
Necessity of making amendments into corporate establishment documents include:
• Change of legal form of organization of the enterprise.
• Change of name or legal address.
• Alteration of share capital.
• Change of type of activity, making amendments into corporate establishment documents.
• Other changes, touching corporate establishment documents, activity of the enterprise.
We offer legal services on registration, reregistration and liquidation of legal entity, litigation in courts and subscription services. Everything necessary for your business is of high quality and in the timeliest manner possible!